Vladimir Ampire is the bonus patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He's unlocked by getting an A on every patient from Act 1. Vladimir is a vampire who claims to not be one and he tries to support that by saying how villagers shot him with silver bullets, threw holy water at him and made him eat garlic — those are things that definitely would kill a vampire, but Alan thinks that would kill a human, too. Nevertheless, Vladimir states that bright light makes him burn and so the player must use a flashlight, similar to the president for operating in the dark.

After operating on him, he then gives Alan a bottle of vampire tears to temporarily resurrect the dead as a token of gratitude.

Alan's Description Edit

If they weren't before, things officially just got very strange. The patient has shown up with multiple "villager-inflicted" wounds, a cape and pointy teeth. He must think I'M the sucker! Ha ha ha! …sigh.


To complete the operation, the player must remove the stakes and vacuum the wounds and bruises shut.* (Since using the Needle and thread does nothing and applying either the torch or healing gel will end up causing burns, as well as shocking him). Next, cut inside of him and remove the garlic from the cuts, deal with the garlic poison and use the Ultrasound 5000 to locate the silver bullets. (Though in his AS4 Surgery, they are exposed to begin with). From there, we vacuum the wounds shut* and move on to the bats. In Amateur Surgeon 2, feed the 3 bats with the syringe with blood until they burst and vacuum the remains. (In Amateur Surgeon 4, they are the same wound-causing mutated bats from Batshift Crazy's operation.)

  • In AS4, you staple the wounds, apply flame and then gel, after dealing with the garlic, you then move on to the side of his chest where you remove the silver spoons, after the spoons, then come the bats.
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