Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

70 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
90 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Time Limit

4:59 (Amateur Surgeon)
2:03 (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Valerie is a patient from Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon and is the 37th patient in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations. She is a call girl who suffers from multiple personality disorder. Therefore she seeks Alan Probe's and Dr. Bleed's help.

Val has a bit of an anger issue

Alan's Description Edit

Patient appears to be some sort of call-girl who claims to suffer from multiple personalities. By the looks of her, at least one of them is a dude.

Keep to the pertinent medical facts, Alan! -DR. Bleed

Patient claims that her brain is connected up all wrong and wants us to rewire her so she's not such a bitc- I mean, so that her possible mental imbalance is repaired.

Better! -DR. Bleed

Procedure Edit

A pretty straight-forward procedure. Use the chainsaw to remove the top of her head into four parts. Extract the white objects with the tongs and fix up the cuts with the stapler along with the lighter and gel as normal. After that's finished you'll have to use the chainsaw to remove the dark part of her brain to replace it. Before you can replace it however, you'll need to use the lighter to burn the black rock-looking objects then cut out the poison with the pizza cutter and suck it up with the vacuum. After patching up the small cuts made, you should then be able to put the white part of the brain in place. Burn and gel it in place, then do the same for her glued together headpiece. Congratulations, you've completed a brain surgery!

In Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations everything is basically the same except the time limit has been set much lower. Partners such as Katie Cutter, Professor Rippov, and Procrastibot 3000 can save you precious seconds.

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