He is the seventh in Amateur Surgeon 2, Act 1.



Sorry... Just had a bit of a moment there. Everyone has a right to dress as they please,and a right to surgical help if they need it... But there's just something about Clowns that is so... Wrong!

File:Uncle Chuckles

1.Cut the clown nose (Chain saw)

2.Suck the blood

3.Cure the Large cut (P.S. if possible, no need of step 2)

4.Pizza Cutter (the yellow line)

5.The flapping creature, kill it by car battery 3x (P.S. If the third time already, you can zap it the closest as you can)

6.Cure it

7.Cut it (Yellow line w/ Pizza cutter)

8.Grab the rabbit

9.Cure the wounds


This patient revealed that Alan had Coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

Patients in Amateur Surgeon 2

Act 1

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Act 2

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