Trent Coat is the fifth patient of Act 1 and the first of Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon. He is a criminal, who was "making a deposit" at the bank when he "slipped and fell on some bullets", as seen in the pre-op dialogue of his level of Act 1.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

Patient claims a bizarre and unlikely sequence of events had led to his injuries. He's recently come into money, however, so attempt to keep sarcastic attempts retorts to a minimum. Patient has "fallen" on a number of police issue bullets during a recent trip "to make a charitable deposit" at the bank. Remove bullets, patch up cuts and extinguish pants, which may well be on fire.

Act 3 Edit

The return of the mac! Trent appears to have "exposed" himself to another dangerous situation and come off worse for the encounter. Patient is suffering from multiple stab wounds — which explains the bleeding — the lack of clothing is another matter, however. Work quickly to stem any bleeding, close up the critical wounds and be prepared for multiple transplants. His underwear could use changing, but that's not going to happen.

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