Tony Alias is the second patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He has a lot of documents, such as money, a passport and an ID inside of him that Alan Probe must remove. The surgery teaches players to use the Ultrasound 5000, as it's required to find the documents.

Alan's Description Edit

A man so mysterious that "Tony Alias" might not even be his real name. He's been brought here as further practice for my aging fingers. I'm pretty confident I can get to the bottom of his troubles — just follow the money!

Patients in Amateur Surgeon 2

Act 1

Tommy GracefulsTony AliasRichard ThimbleDick MastersonMiss DistressScarlett ThrobbingUncle ChucklesThe Shame-rockThe PresidentVladimir Ampire

Act 2

Ringo FixitNapoleon TrotterskiCapn' SplintersPrincess StarlaChewtoy ChuckJimmy the SpiderPeeping TomThe AideDwayne PipeDr. Bleed

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