The tongs are a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. They are generally used to slowly pull objects out of cuts, carry them to tray and (if needed) put the replacement back in, though they have some other uses as well.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Aside from their usual use, the tongs are also used to drag Dr. Bleed's smashed ribcage in the first operation.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit


In this game, the tongs are replaced by the grabber arm, which still has the same purpose.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

The tongs return in this game and have the same purpose as in previous games. During the Dr. Bleed bonus surgery, they are used to put his finger on. When upgraded, extraction becomes easier to the point of being instant on smaller objects.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

The tongs return in this game and have the same uses. They're also used to pull insects to the tray after stunning them with the car battery.

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