The Shame-rock is the eighth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He is an elite Irish cage-fighter who has "been through the wars" (though Alan assumes he's been through a blender or some kind of farm equipment).

Alan's Description Edit

I could never remember if the "luck of the Irish" means you have good luck or bad. Thankfully, this cage-fighting patient has cleared up the mystery once and for all. Or maybe it's not about luck at all — he's just really bad at his job!

Patients in Amateur Surgeon 2

Act 1

Tommy GracefulsTony AliasRichard ThimbleDick MastersonMiss DistressScarlett ThrobbingUncle ChucklesThe Shame-rockThe PresidentVladimir Ampire

Act 2

Ringo FixitNapoleon TrotterskiCapn' SplintersPrincess StarlaChewtoy ChuckJimmy the SpiderPeeping TomThe AideDwayne PipeDr. Bleed

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