Scarlett Throbbing is the sixth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. She has a "medical condition" that she calls "crustaceans" after Alan Probe assumes it's a long Latin name. Despite sounding strange, she just ate some bad crab eggs.

Alan's Description Edit

I'm no stranger to weird and icky, but every now and then something a little unusual turns up! Seems this lovely young lady here is suffering unwanted guests. It would un-gentlemanly to refuse to help!

Procedure Edit

First off heal the cuts on Scarlett's body and give her a bit of the injector, then cut her open to advance to her heart. Now dealing with the crabs may be pretty tricky at first since they are always moving. Do your best to keep your chainsaw on them to break off their shell then finish them off with the same tactic. Then extract and cure the cuts as normal. You'll have to do this again for her liver. Be sure to wait until one of the crabs crawl to the center of the screen, for they'll just scurry off-screen if you try to chainsaw them from the edge of the screen. After the crabs are taken care of, extract the claws, suck up the crab blood with the vacuum, and close up her cuts and there you go. You just cured a woman of crabs.

Trivia Edit

  • Scarlett is the second woman in Amateur Surgeon 2.
  • She is the second woman that requires the chainsaw, first being Valerie from Amateur Surgeon.
  • Scarlett reappears as an exclusive partner in Amateur Surgeon Regenerations as a nurse who has the power to heal by blowing a kiss. She was only obtainable throughout the Valentine themed Heartbreak Hospital event.
Nurse Throbbing
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