Its cletus
Cletus with leftover quills

Known Operations




Inital heart Rate

40 BPM (AS1)
60 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

7:59 (AS1)
4:30 (AS4)

RoadKill Cletus is a patient introduced in Act 1 of Amateur Surgeon and is the 6th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Cletus is a Southern hillbilly who comes from a poor (and incestuous) family. Unable to buy real food, he must obtain his meals by eating the corpses of dead animals on the street.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

While scouring the road for roadkill, Cletus so happens to trip, landing on the back of a dead porcupine. He finds Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed in the nearby warehouse to receive help for his prickly injury.

Alan's Description Edit

Obviously coming from a very (very) close family, the patient scrapes his living (and meals) from animals killed from the roadside. In an effort to possibly mix business with pleasure, the patient has impaled himself on a porcupine. Remove quills, close cuts, and apply sun-lotion to back of neck.

Procedure Edit

This surgery is one of the simple ones, where all you are required to do is extract the quills with the tongs, cauterising wounds along the way. There are several quills located outside his body, his kidneys, his liver, and his heart.

Cletus's heart rate may linger in low numbers, so use the Corkscrew (or injector in AS4) if you need too.

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