The Reverend
"Did Alan teach you how to heal the iron as well as the flesh?"




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Reverend Robot Apocalypse is a character in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and is indirectly the 91st patient in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations. He acts as a surgery partner in both titles.

He isn't the patient in this operation, his organ is.

​Surgery DescriptionEdit


​So this organ is really the heart of Robotopia? Distributing leaflets in a method that's worryingly similar to a missile silo system... a musical missile system.

(Neat, huh? I always knew there was a way to spice up classical music. This guy found the way! -Alan)


It looks like somebody's been tampering with the device. Like they were in a rush to find something and didn't care how much damage they did in the process.

(Never rush working on such an impressive organ. Be slow... Rhythmic! Fun times for ALL! -Alan)


​It seems to be getting more damaged by the second, I don't know what's going on in there, but it's nothing good... we should investigate and fix it up FAST.

(It's downright embarrasing when something goes wrong with your MASSIVE organ -Alan)

​Procedure (His Organ)Edit

First, clear away the rust spots with gel and thene torch-and-gel the small cuts. Next, cut into the organ and you'll see the circuitry cluttered with robo-scorpion parts, until the robo-scorpion emerges and starts to scutter around. Shock it before it burrows into the organ (similar to the fire mosquito maggots in BugBite Mike.) To catch it, zap the scorpion, clamp it down and uses the chainsaw to destroy it, repeat 2 times. Next, as you heal the cuts and remove the parts, cut deeper and do the same process as before, but deal with more cuts and parts. Once finished, tend to the cuts, apply the fire and heal with gel.

In AS4, it's the same procedure, except the scorpion causes fire to the organ and cannot be clamped, only zapped and sawed

​Surgery AbilitiesEdit

In Amateur Surgeon 3​, He helps the player by selecting the tools necessary for the operation. In Amateur Surgeon 4, he uses an electromagnetic device to remove the embedded objects.

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