Peeping Tom is the seventh patient of Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He is a man with big eyes who likes to look at weird things. However his eyes are beginning to fail him. In order to keep his vision he wishes for Alan Probe to enhance it.

Alan's Description Edit

Jeepers, creepers… Where'd you get those peepers? No, seriously. Look at them! It's like you've got goldfish bowls attached to your face! Like a baby seal with magnifying glasses on its face… Only a billion times less cute.

Procedure Edit

In Amateur Surgeon 2, you must use the tongs to pull each of Tom's eyelids all the way open. Then cut his eyeball open and chainsaw his old eye nerves out. Then replace it with the new eye piece. For the little blobs all you have to do is burn them until they set on fire then use the vacuum to get rid of them. Close up his one eye, then rinse and repeat with his other eye.

In Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations everything is basically the same, only instead of using the tongs to open Tom's eyes you now have to shock them open with the battery.

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