Miss Distress is the fifth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. She is a woman who wants piercings in her body. She has a human-like creature with a mask on its head and a chain connecting its two nipples. He is most likely a gimp.

Alan's Description Edit

The patient clearly has several issues — but unfortunately she doesn't want any of them fixed. She just wants a series of pain cosmetic procedures instead. People have told me before when I can stick my tools — but never like this!

Procedures Edit

Amateur Surgeon 2 - Miss Distress01:14

Amateur Surgeon 2 - Miss Distress

Walkthrough of Miss Distress

The surgery is a simple slice and plop. Make incisions where directed then pick up the piercings given with the tongs and place it into the fresh wound.
  • For AS2, you did not have to cauterise the wounds when placing the piercings inside. This was changed in AS4.

Trivia Edit

  • In Amateur Surgeon 2, Miss Distress was the only patient during which the player didn't need to use the Pain Away gel.
  • Her "pet" says "Yeah! She really likes pain!" and "Will you staple my butt-cheeks together?" at the beginning and end of the surgery, respectively.
  • Alan makes a reference to one of Adult Swim's other games, Gigolo Assassin.
  • Since the needle and thread is absent in Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations, Alan gives a different reply to the Gimp when he asks to staple his butt-cheeks together, stating "Sorry, couldn't understand a word of that."
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