Miss Distress is the fifth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. She is a woman who wants piercings in her body. She has a human-like creature with a mask on its head and a chain connecting its two nipples. He is most likely a gimp.

Alan's Description Edit

The patient clearly has several issues — but unfortunately she doesn't want any of them fixed. She just wants a series of pain cosmetic procedures instead. People have told me before when I can stick my tools — but never like this!

Procedures Edit

Amateur Surgeon 2 - Miss Distress

Amateur Surgeon 2 - Miss Distress

Walkthrough of Miss Distress

The surgery is a simple slice and plop. Make incisions where directed then pick up the piercings given with the tongs and place it into the fresh wound.
  • For AS2, you did not have to cauterise the wounds when placing the piercings inside. This was changed in AS4.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Regenerations (Pocket Mortys Update) Edit

In the Pocket Mortys update of Amateur Surgeon 4, Miss Distress appears with her Sexy Devil Morty replacing her "pet," complaining that it does not obey her. Surgeon Rick has to extinguish various fires, remove a horsewhip, and replace the Morty's Manipulator Chip. One can assume that this Sexy Devil Morty is being used for sexual purposes when Surgeon Rick states that Miss Distress is misusing it.

Trivia Edit

  • In Amateur Surgeon 2, Miss Distress was the only patient during which the player didn't need to use the Pain Away gel.
  • Her "pet" says "Yeah! She really likes pain!" and "Will you staple my butt-cheeks together?" at the beginning and end of the surgery, respectively.
  • Alan makes a reference to one of Adult Swim's other games, Gigolo Assassin.
  • Since the needle and thread is absent in Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations, Alan gives a different reply to the Gimp when he asks to staple his butt-cheeks together, stating "Sorry, couldn't understand a word of that."
  • Miss Distress makes a small appearance as "Meryl Maid" for Amateur Surgeon 4's Scurvy Swashbucklers Blood Cup as the fourth patient. She has received the most change design-wise out of the other patients (besides Meatsack Jack).

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