Act 1Act 2Amateur Surgeon
Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma PartnersAmateur Surgeon 4Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Partner Special
Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations PartnersAmateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Sudden DeathAmateur Surgeon Wiki
AnimalAureolaBaby Awoogah
Batshift CrazyBertrandBio-Utility Mechanoid
Bjorn the bipolar bearBleed DiamondBradley
BugBite MikeBugeater PeterBumps Grinder
BurnCapn' SplintersCar battery
ChainsawChewtoy ChuckCircus Freak-Out
ClampsCorkscrewCrime Boss
Dale BreakDeLiriumDeceased Keith
Dick MastersonDonny DebonairDr. Alan Probe
Dr. Ignacious BleedDr. Ignacious Bleed IIDr. Rashid
Dwayne PipeEarnest PicklesEd Scape
Eddy the DogEdgar Stubbington IIIElephant Boy
Emo ShunEtchy sketchyFaker Hubris
Filthy NoweFireGeneric the Elf
Gossamer RagGrindarellaHeart rate
HubrisInjectorInsurance Fraud Claude
Iron WangIvan HenchmanJack Ratchett
Jimmy the SpiderJoeJunkyard Guts
Karl PuccinoLady SaturdayLarge cut
LighterLocations in Amateur Surgeon 3Lumbar Jack
Meat Sack JackMincer the ReindeerMiss Distress
Mr. GibletsMuta-BearMuta-Brother
Napoleon TrotterskiNeedle and threadNeil File
Officer BrutalityOld Alan ProbeOphelia Payne
PRXY-4Pain AwayPeeping Tom
Pizza cutterPoisonPrincess Starla
Rev. ApocalypseRichard ThimbleRingo Fixit
RoadKill CletusRoadkill CletusSanta Claus
Scarlett ThrobbingSmall cutStapler
Stat ZappumStinkin' Joe GarbageStuporman
Sweetmeats PeteTammy GracefulsTed
The RingmasterThe Shame-rockTommy Gracefuls
TongsTony AliasTrent Coat
Ultrasound 5000Uncle ChucklesUpgrade Jade
Useful BrotherVacuum CleanerValerie
Vince BlownapartVladimir Ampire

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