"I have to have that sweet, sweet caffeine kick!"

Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

50 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
150 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)
79 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Time Limit

4:59 (Amateur Surgeon)
6:19 (Amateur Surgeon 3)
1:03 (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Karl Puccino is a patient in Amateur Surgeon. He is the 18th patient to be operated on. He is a returning patient in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma as a bonus patient and the 42nd patient of Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Karl approaches surgeons Alan Probe and Ignacious Bleed, his body twitching and teeth chattering. Obviously a coffee nut, he explains that he had to hide coffee within his body in order to smuggle it, therefore needing Alan to "make with the ol' slice and dice" and retrieve it for him.

Alan's Description Edit

Tight airport controls have forced the patient to secrete a stash of coffee about his person. He appears to have had the coffee surgically implanted as opposed to inserting it into his-

We QUITE get the picture, Alan! -DR. Bleed

The patient is rearing the limit of caffeine tolerance to the point where the slightest increase in heart rate could kill him. So probably don't mention his appalling taste in shirts. Find his coffee deposits and remove them. Then if desired, percolate and serve with cream and sugar.

Distasteful, Alan. -DR. Bleed

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

As Alan shows Ophelia around one of his Bleed Everywhere hospitals, they run into Karl in the pharmacy. He states that he had just consumed a large amount of coffee beans (about four kilos' worth) and asks that they be removed before his heart "LITERALLY EXPLODES".

After Surgery, he seems to slow down after removing the excess coffee from him.

Ophelia's Description Edit

OBSERVATIONS: I'm not sure how much coffee is "too much", but his blood type is coming up as "Columbian" - which can't be good...

(Look at him twitch! -ALAN)

SYMPTOMS: His heart rate is sky-high... And there are ACTUAL coffee beans embedded throughout his body! HOW?!

(Just be glad we're fingind out with a pizza-cutter - not a rubber glove! -ALAN)

ACTION: We need to remove as much coffee as we can... without killing him stone dead in the process.

(If his heart rate drops too fast, healing gel might be the perfect pick-me-up! -ALAN)


Amateur Surgeon 1 Edit

Karl pre-op as1

Karl's pre-op in Amateur Surgeon

Cut into Karl and slice out the coffee with the pizza cutter, then vacuum the liquid up. Patch up the cuts, then use the etchy-sketchy(ultrasound in AS4) to locate the three hidden coffee stacks. Cut out the stacks as directed(AS1 only) then extract them. Extracting them will leave behind more coffee to cut out and vacuum. After successfully patching up all wounds, Karl is ready for close-up.

  • It's noted that(in AS1) you should be extremely cautious when dealing with Karl, for any minor mistake will set his heart rate right to 0, resulting in an instant game over. Letting his BPM go over 250 will also cause him to die. These are the main reasons why Karl is deemed one of the most difficult and tedious surgeries to deal with throughout the game. You can say that he is the earlier form of the newly implemented sudden death modes in Amateur Surgeon 3 and 4.
  • In Re-generations, time is scarce. Therefore, you may either want to work quick or bring a partner most useful for the situation(ex. Stoolie O'Toole, Hogtopus)

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

Karl pre-op as3

His pre-op in Amateur Surgeon 3

First, slice into his head and remove the coffee beans embedded into his brain and get rid of the pus boils by cutting them open or sucking them out with the red syringe. Use the scanner to scan an extra bean from Karl and remove. Use Staples, Lighter and Gel for the cuts. Next, move onto the liver and start by clamping down the burst arteries, burning the wounds and gelling them. We do the same procedure as done with the brain. Next, we cut in deeper to the liver and do the same thing as the last and use the scanner for any beans hidden underneath. Tend to the wounds and you're done.

Dialogue Edit

Before surgery

Karl: Hey guys! Guys! You gotta help me, see? I was at customs, ok? Customs! Coming back from the coffee capital of the world oh man you should have seen all the coffees they had!

Karl: But i had too much coffee they said! TOO MUCH! I said i'll tell YOU when I've had enough!

Karl: I had to hide it! Had to! I have to have that sweet, sweet caffeine kick!

Karl: slurp-slurp-slurp

Karl: Oh baby! Oh boy that's good! But anyway! Shut up! I'm talking! The coffee - i hid it! Now i need it back!

Karl: You gotta get it back for me! Do your surgeon thing! Do it do it! Make with the ol' slice and dice, the old snip-snip chop-chop!

Alan Probe: Ohhh-kay! And breathe!

After surgery

Karl: Oh wowee, oh yowza! You got it! Oh i could kiss you! I could kiss the coffee, that sweet, sweet mocha temptress...

Karl: slurp-slurp-slurp

Alan Probe: You're welcome!


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