Jimmy the Spider is the sixth patient of Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He is a man dressed up as a spider, self-proclaimed "cat burglar". He eats "spider meals", which are repeating on him, so he goes to Alan Probe.

Alan's Description Edit

Now THIS is the kind of clintele I'd expect to find in a clinic set in a chicken coop in the middle of nowhere.

He'd do whatever a spider can — if all spiders did was be sick while wearing a cheap outfit made of old socks. Brilliant!

Patients in Amateur Surgeon 2

Act 1

Tommy GracefulsTony AliasRichard ThimbleDick MastersonMiss DistressScarlett ThrobbingUncle ChucklesThe Shame-rockThe PresidentVladimir Ampire

Act 2

Ringo FixitNapoleon TrotterskiCapn' SplintersPrincess StarlaChewtoy ChuckJimmy the SpiderPeeping TomThe AideDwayne PipeDr. Bleed

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