Irons of Unbearable Temperature






Cauterizes wounds;
melts ice chunks

Initial Heart Rate

30 BPM

Time Limit


Iron Wang is a recruitable partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. His surgery is labeled under P12.

Bio Edit

Combining traditional Tai Chi discipline with laundry, this Iron Monk heats his appliances to cotton frazzling levels. His irons may be too intense for laundry, but the searing heat is great for surgery! Wang is able to cauterize various cuts by placing his irons on top of the area. His hot irons are also effective against ice blocks, able to melt them with ease.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

While Dr. Rashid was on duty, the re-generator had gotten stuck. Finding it as a perfect time for a tea break, he begins to settle by his beverage trolley. However, the break is cut short as he notices a lingering smell of burnt flesh. Upon further investigation, Rashid finds a regenerated Iron Wang, burns nearly covering his entire body. Rashid carries him to a nearby operating table and sets on fixing up the monk.

Wang about to strike Rashid

After the operation, Wang arises and shows immediate hostility towards Rashid. Irritated that he had "disturbed his meditations", Wang nearly attacks him. Thankfully a suction tube was quickly sent downward, sucking him back inside the re-generator.

Rashid's Description Edit

Patient appears extremely agitated, having injured himself with his irons. I should heal his burns and get rid of him ASAP!

Procedure Edit


Pre-op screen for Iron Wang

There are many burn injuries that must be healed. Use Pain Away to heal them, including the iron imprints. Along the surgery, as you cut deeper into him after healing the second wave of burns, you'll encounter a waffle with a pepper on it. Since the pepper is so spicy it is engulfed in fire that must be sucked up with the vacuum. Then extract the pepper with the tongs. You'll have to cut up the waffle with the chainsaw first before you can extract it. Beneath is another spicy pepper which must be extinguished and extracted. After that all that is left is to cure the rest of the burns, then the operation can be closed up.

Trivia Edit

  • The spicy looking pepper-waffle inside Wang is a reference of the popular YouTube channel SpicyWaffle.
  • Wang has a pre-operation pose similar to Tommy Gracefuls.

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