Generic OutOp

Generic the Elf is the main character in Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition. He is one of Santa Claus's elves who got injured when Alan Probe hits Santa's sleigh with his jet. At first, Generic is cold and doesn't agree with what Alan does, but he warms up a little as the game progresses.

Alan's Description Edit

It appears that the explosion from the plane crash has impaled one of Santa's little helpers onto the top of a Christmas tree. Either that or he's a closet fairy. The patient is suffering from severely crushed baubles and light cuts. There may be further shocks once we get to the heart of the matter. In general, the patient is in a bad state of physical elf. Ho ho ho! Christmas is the time for pulling crackers and untangling Christmas tree lights — there'll be time for both in this surgery! Remember, it sometimes helps to plug the lights if you're having trouble sorting them out…

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