Earnest Pickles



Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

30 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)
57 BPM; 88 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl 32; Lvl 45)

Time Limit

5:39 (Amateur Surgeon 3)
2:25; 2:26 (Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl 32; Lvl 45)

Earnest Pickles is a patient from Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and is the 32nd and 45th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Earnest is an inmate seen many times throughout Ophelia's trek around Shanks-A-Lot Prison. He is responsible for injuring the guards warding the prison in numerous ways, such as shanking Dale with a toothbrush, strangling Ed with a wire, and nearly suffocating Neil by stuffing him inside a cement mixer. He asks Ophelia to fix them up, claiming that they are his "best friend guards", preferring to keep them alive.

Soon however all the "guards" take revenge on him by surrounding and beating him to a pulp, leaving him a bloodied mess in the Warden's Tower. Ophelia locates and operates on him, fixing his broken bones in the process. Grateful for her help, he hopes that she will remain as Alan's student in hope of meeting her again.

Ophelia's Description Edit

Which poor soul has Earnest attacke- oh wow! It IS Earnest! ...I think! It's hard to tell with all the gross everywhere!

Pretty tough to tell where the gross ends and Earnest begins! -ALAN

It's like each guard took revenge according to how they were attacked...It's kind of poetic, in a messy, awful way.

We just call it "having the crap beaten out of you!" -ALAN

Start with the contusions - no! The compound fractures! No! Argh! I don't even have medical terms for all this!

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Dr. Ignacious Bleed II meets Earnest while searching for a way out of Guru Mountain. Frantically seeking help, Earnest explains that he has been cursed after supposedly killing the original medicine man in order to take his place. Ignacious agrees to investigate the issue and successfully cures Earnest by spreading Pain Away on the affected parts of his body. Finding a voodoo doll inside Earnest's stomach, he removes it and replaces it with a tasty gingerbread man. With Earnest rid of the terrible voodoo curse, he thanks Ignacious and informs him that his boss may know of a way out the jungle.

Bleed's Description Edit

This rather powerfully accented fellow appears to be suffering from some kind of mysterious illness. There's a strange, overbearing sense of occult in the air. I wonder...

Procedure Edit

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

Earnest pre-op

Earnest Amateur Surgeon 3 Pre-op

Earnest is basically a mixture of the guards' surgeries. Patch up various wounds while using the chainsaw to remove cement blocks. You'll have to cut into him and replace some of his rib bones. Then you'll have to extract a bunch of items from the currently broken leg. Proceeding to his leg bone, simply chainsaw and replace. Then all that's left is to patch up his other leg, using the chainsaw as needed.

Earnest pre-op as4

Earnest Amateur Surgeon 4 Pre-op

Amateur Surgeon 4 Edit

Simply use the Pain Away gel to relax the various wobbly parts of Earnest's body. For the voodoo doll, extract the needle pins with the tongs then use the chainsaw to remove it, replacing it with a gingerbread man.

Gallery Edit

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