Dwayne Pipe

Known operations




Initial Heart Rate

60 BPM (Amateur Surgeon, 1st time)
20 BPM (Amateur Surgeon, 2nd time)
50 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition)
20 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 2)

Time Limit

7:19 (Amateur Surgeon, 1st time)
7:59 (Amateur Surgeon, 2nd time)
5:20 (Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition)
3:46 (Amateur Surgeon 2, 1st time)
5:26 (Amateur Surgeon 2, 2nd time)

Dwayne Pipe a.k.a Horrace D'Obscene, later known as the President is the main antagonist of the game.

Bio Edit

As a student under Dr. Bleed's supervision, Dwayne thought it was boring so he created a concoction to poison all of Dr. Bleed's patients and let Dr. Bleed take the fall. Sometime in his life, another patient deduced that he was the murderer, so he hid himself in the jungle. After leaving the jungle, he took the name Horrace D'Obscene to avoid suspicion.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

He first introduced himself to another student of Dr. Bleed, Alan Probe, to let Alan operate on him and remove the insects he had in his body. Later, he revealed himself as Dwayne thanks to Aureola (who was the vengeful daughter of two of his victims). He put a partially defused bomb in her and poisoned Dr. Bleed with the same poison that killed his patients. Dwayne ran out of the hospital only to get caught by Officer Brutality, who made Alan operate on him. Later, Dwayne got imprisoned for all his (and Aureola's) crimes.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

Patient is very unsettling to deal with and acts like a real weirdo. I think he's Italian, or Scottish or something. He's been out of the country for some time and has just returned. Not much to go on. He wants to be cut open, and that's about it… Not sure what we'll find… Open him up and take a look. Dr. Bleed is absent, so this one will be done solo…

Act 3 Edit

Horrace, Dwayne. Whatever he's called, he was young, brilliant and has the best surgeon ever as his teacher — this is what he chose to do with all that potential? What a douche-bag! Looks like Dr. Bleed was right when he said I was foolish to operate without him. Seems I missed some kind of giant monster-bug thing that's now crawling around him and preventing his escape! Oh no! Oh deary me! Boo-hoo! This jerk would have let Bleed and Aureola to die! It'd be easy to be just like him and do the same. But I'm not like that! Dwayne Pipe — prepare to be Alan Probed! YEAH BABY!

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit


Dwayne returns as a character named ???. It is shown that Officer Brutality made him his cooking assistant and decided that exile would have been better than that, so he left to the North Pole. In his stay he got frozen and had to be operated on by Alan again.

Alan's Description Edit

I can't make out the face, but there's something about this guy that makes my blood run cold… Or is that just the giant block of ice he's trapped in? He's as cold as ice. There's an ice-block where his heart used to be. Ice. Ice baby! They say humour is a great icebreaker, but I always say "When you absolutely, positively have to cut every last other sucker out of a giant ice-cube — Bonesaw 3000 is the best there is." It's likely that internal organs will have shut down from the cold, so we'll remove them and warm them up.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

During some time, he got out of jail, ran for president and won. He had a queer disease which made his aide, Bradley, find one of the best doctors alive, Alan Probe. He forced Bradley to kill Alan after he was cured, but Bradley couldn't bring himself to do it. After he learned that Bradley was Alan's grandson, he or his staff beat him up and he had to be operated. He himself broke down and had to be operated on by Alan Probe. Alan reported Dwayne and was forced to reopen all the "Bleed Everywhere" hospitals after having his life saved by him with immediate effect,. and was watched by an aged Officer Brutality to make sure he keeps the promise.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

I'm used to improvising in surgery. I'm used sub-optimal working conditions. Heck, with my incontinence and dimentia, I'm used to forgetting to use the toilet. But operating in the dark on a totally unknown condition? That's new!

Act 2 Edit

There's nothing like a good nemesis to keep you feeling young! Shame this guy is nothing like a good nemesis… It's taken 70 years to accumulate the experience for this surgery… Almost seems a shame to waste it on him!

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

While Dwayne doesn't appear in person in Amateur Surgeon 3, his "son", Hubris (who turned out to be his clone), takes Dwayne's place as the villain, plotting revenge against Alan for foiling his father twice. Hubris acts and performs deeds almost exactly like Dwayne in the last two games.

Personality Edit

Dwayne serves as Alan's direct antithesis: Seemingly charming and charismatic, he is a cold, cruel and heartless killer who takes delight in others' pain and suffering. His remorseless sociopathy is a stark contrast to the other criminals seen in the series.

As the president, he puts the mask of a reasonable, if short-tempered man. Once he reveals himself, he's shown to be consumed by revenge, wanting nothing more than his perpetrator Alan's suffering, even attacking member of his own family (Bradley) just to spite him.

Trivia Edit

  • Dwayne Pipe's cigarette is completely absent in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations.
  • His true name is a pun of course, which sounds like the words "drain pipe."
  • In Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations, even though his surgery takes place in the Old Hospital(Level 85), he is shown to be lying on the pool table from his earlier surgery for some odd reason.


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