Rashid Scratch
Dr rashid
"My word! So you DON'T hold it by the pointy end?"

Known Operations





Dr. Ignacious Bleed II(colleague)
Ophelia Payne(boss)

Initial Heart Rate

96 BPM

Time Limit


Dr. Rashid "Rash" Scratch is a side character and the 14th patient from Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations. He is currently the head and supposedly the only member of the newly put together Field Hospital.

Bio Edit

Sometime during his life, Rashid took an opportunity to become an improvised surgeon. Under the supervision of Ophelia Payne, he joins the Field Hospital to learn the techniques of Improvised Surgery bit by bit.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Dr. Rashid is first introduced as a patient in the game. He runs into Ignacious Bleed II as he was seeking his boss for help. Somehow he had gotten his tools stuck in all the wrong places: the injector in his severed finger, the vacuum lodged in his stomach, staples stapled all over him, etc. After Ignacious helps him remove all the tools out of his body, Rashid introduces himself and tells him about the Field Hospital. So far he is the only member but him and his boss hope to make it grow, starting with Ignacious himself.

After the operation, Rashid is seen residing in the Field Hospital, introducing each of the various events currently available. He also reminds the player when tools or partners are ready to upgrade, as well as small reminders to visit the Field Hospital once in a while. Rashid also has a small side story of his own, where Ophelia has given him the task of operating on various partners who have come out all wrong due to a glitch in the re-generator.

Bleed's Description Edit

The patient is currently functioning as a pincushion for his own improvised surgical tools. Extraction should be fairly straightforward - it's the educating that might take time.

Personality Edit

Rash scratch

Rash file photo

Dr. Rashid is very lively and positive, always happy to assist Ignacious and the various patients of the Field Hospital. He's shown to have a polite tone, usually addressing others as "Mr" and "Ms". Sometimes Rashid can be somewhat clumsy, nervous and a bit of a dunce, hence why you must operate on him. It's highly possible he had lost one of his fingers during some type of accident. Rashid really enjoys tea as a beverage, occasionally pushing around a beverage trolley.

Rashid seems to have developed a close friendly relationship with Ignacious. At some moments during Rashid's side story, he receives letters that Ignacious has sent him, full of his experience outside the lab. Rashid very much respects Ignacious, but can't help but feel a little jealous of him at times. He hopes to someday have his day to shine just like his fellow colleague.

Procedure Edit

That's not where the vacuum goes

The burst vacuum inside Rashid's body

As Ignacious implies, the surgery is pretty straightforward. Extract the tongs and pizza cutter from Rashid's body then carefully remove the staples by lifting them with the tongs. Use the Pain Away gel to heal all the staple wounds and fix other cuts. After that's finished you'll have to cut into Rashid. Use the syringe or the pizza cutter and vacuum tactic to remove all the poison then use the scanner to locate and cut out three hidden syringes within his body. After fixing up the area you'll be able to move on to the final region of his body, where a blown up vacuum is waiting. Suck up all the fire and simply lift the vacuum with the tongs and you're done.

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Trivia Edit

Screenshot 2017 04 17 16 44 29 by shyvitheshy-db67ojf

Prompt when pressing the QUIT button in the pause menu.

  • Rashid's name is a clear pun of the phrase "rash scratch".
  • Though Rashid's body is full of lodged tools during surgery(staples, pizza cutter, tongs), they are not visible in his pre-op screen.
  • If the player attempts to quit a surgery, Rashid will appear in the prompt to confirm the player's choice.
  • Rashid makes a special appearance in one of Amateur Surgeon 4's Blood Cups, Pagoda of Pain. He appears under the name "Grandmaster Scratch" and is the Blood Cup's very first patient open for blood collecting.
  • Rashid is unfortunately the butt end of a joke at the final spin of the prize wheel after a Blood Cup. The wheel will spin so fast that it will break free from its hinges and ricochet off the ground, leaving the screen. A loud crash is heard, numerous items being thrown onscreen by the impact. The camera then pans to a pile of rubble, which Rashid so happens to be crushed by. He yells out in pain (with the same sound file used for Ignacious II when losing a patient) as his hand plops on the ground.

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