Dr. Ignacious Bleed II
Dr. Ignacious Bleed
The 2nd Bleed

Known Operations







Ophelia Payne (creator/grandniece, technically)
Hubris (half brother)
Dr. Ignacious Bleed (Original)


Dr. Rashid (colleague)
Jack Ratchett
Mr. Giblets
Alan Probe

Initial Heart Rate

64 BPM

Time Limit


Dr. Ignacious Bleed II is the protagonist in Amateur Surgeon 4. He is a clone of the late Dr. Ignacious Bleed and created by Ophelia Payne. He is later a patient of the game himself, the 77th one at that.

Bio Edit

One fateful day, Ignacious was released from his stasis chamber. Guided by an unknown voice over an intercom, he sets off to learn about his origins as a surgeon. It is later revealed that he is the clone of Dr. Bleed with a small touch of Horrace d'Obscene's DNA.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

When he was first awakened, Ignacious meets his first patient, Jack Ratchett. Under the supervision of the mysterious voice(who is later revealed to be Ophelia Payne), Ignacious learns the basics of improvised surgery and successfully fixes Jack's back brace, where he is given a Bleed Diamond as thanks. Noticing Bleed's confusion, the voice explains that it can be used in the machine known as the Re-Generator, which is demonstrated to him soon afterward as he re-generates one of his first surgical partners, Barbara Ho-Tep.

Sometime in the lab, he is given a piece of brain and is lead to the machine known as "The Memotron", which is in need of restoration. Agreeing to assist the intercom, he is able to restore it, using the brain piece as the "key". With this machine he is able to witness various memories of the brain, belonging to retired surgeon Alan Probe.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ignacious Bleed II Photo

Ignacious File Photo

Ignacious II has a far warmer and relaxed demeanor compared to his original. He wears a long sleeved button-up shirt under a blazer, along with a darker shade of pants and brown shoes(with design similar to Dr. Bleed's). He still wears the same glasses, along with brown slicked hair and a fully grown beard.

Ignacious has quite the witty remarks to make about the various patients he comes across most of the time. Despite that he is a very good-natured man, doing anything he can to save those whose lives are at stake. He also has a compelling urge to operate on the strangest of patients, which could be due to the bit of d'Obscene DNA within him.

It's revealed later on in the Epilogue that Ignacious feels unhappy at times since he was brought into the world as a fully grown clone with no other purpose but to perform surgery.

Procedure Edit

Cut into him and start with his right kidney. We then see a yellow Super Bug, leaving burn marks around him. Use the lighter to burn it. It will go away and jump to another part of the body. Next, cut off the defective right kidney by sawing it off and replacing it, as well as tending to the burns the Bug may have created. Stitch him up and move on to the liver, where the blue Super Bug inflicts frostbite to the liver. Zap the bug and it will escape again. Cut away the green liver and replace it with a healthy liver. Next, move on to the lungs where a pink Super Bug will inflict tiny scratches. Use the chainsaw to cut it and it will go away. Replace the lungs.

The Super Bug, currently blue for zapping

Finally, we move on to the brain, where we'll encounter the same Super Bug again. This time however it will be a random color. Simply remember this:

  • If it's yellow, burn it!
  • If it's green, gel it!
  • If it's pink, saw it!
  • If it's blue, zap it!

After you kill it, extract it from the body then patch up any leftover injuries from the brain.

Known Patients Edit

Trivia Edit

Gah iggy


  • When speaking to Barbara in her native language, he asks "Is something amiss, madam?", which is shown in Coptic writing.
  • In the Epilogue, Ignacious wears an orange ascot, referencing "Fred Jones" from Scooby Doo.
  • When Ignacious pops up with a message during any surgery in the main storyline, his glasses appear to be set in the opposite direction.

Gallery Edit

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