Dr. Ignacious Bleed

Known Operations





Alan Probe (life partner, student), Ophelia Payne (grandniece), Dr. Ignacious Bleed II (clone)


Dwayne Pipe (former student)

Initial Heart Rate

60 BPM (Amateur Surgeon, 1st time)
40 BPM (Amateur Surgeon, 2nd time)
0 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 2)

Time Limit

5:00 (Amateur Surgeon)
5:50 (Amateur Surgeon 2)

Dr. Ignacious Bleed
Disgraced surgeon/vagrant.
Cough syrup addict.

Amateur Surgeon

Dr. Ignacious Bleed is the deuteragonist of the game and the mentor and best friend of Dr. Alan Probe.

Biography Edit

Dr. Ignacious Bleed — better known as Dr. Bleed — was one of the most successful surgeons of his time until he took the the blame for the atrocious actions of his former student, Dwayne Pipe, and has been disgraced, turning to drugs (mainly cough syrup).

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Bleed AS1

One fateful day he walked (purposefully, as later revealed) right in front of a speeding pizza van which smashed his rib cage. The driver was a 19-year old Pizza Delivery boy named Alan Probe, who decided to repair his rib cage. Dr. Bleed mentored Alan Probe through the surgery and took him on as his apprentice, helping him learn and grow as a surgeon. Soon they both developed a similar father-son relationship. While confronting his old student, Dwayne Pipe, he becomes poisoned with the same poison that caused the deaths of his patients, leaving him helpless. He survives thanks to the actions of Alan Probe.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

Once a genius-level surgeon who dedicated his life to saving people, a terrible calamity broke the patient's spirit and saw him take to the streets. He harbors a particular fondness for very strong cough medicine. Patient has been hit by a speeding pizza van (completely and totally by accident — it could have happened to everyone) and is suffering from multiple fractures across his rib cage. With his feeling dulled by the cough syrup, the patient is able to talk you through the procedure to cut him open and put those bones back together like a giant, gross jigsaw.

Act 3 Edit

A legendary surgeon who fell from grace when he took the blame for his own student's atrocities. He's been a model of compassion, dignity and genius ever since I first ran him over in my van while he was wandering around as a filthy tramp. Horrace's poison is causing each one of his organs to shut down in turn — only a true surgeon will even stand a chance of helping him pull through! I started off as a pizza boy — Dr. Bleed has given me the opportunity to be something much, much greater. I'll do whatever it takes to save him!

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

In Amateur Surgeon 2, it's revealed Dr. Bleed died 10 years after the events of the first game, possibly due to old age. At the end of Act 2, he's seen as a spirit when Alan and his wife Aureola visit his grave.

He appears in the game later as a bonus level in Act 2. When the doctor comes back to life, he re-encounters Alan and he tells him to never resurrect a person again, but also that he is very proud of him and his work. After that, he disappears, leaving a tearful Alan in front of the grave of the man that made his dream come true.

Alan's Description Edit

Sometimes when you work at something and you love doing it for its own sake, you might get just ONE special moment where the Normal rules don't apply… That, or some vampire tears may let you bring your dead mentor back to life for a bit!


​Amateur SurgeonEdit

In Act One, cut him open with the pizza cutter and place the shattered ribs back to their rightful place.

In Act Three, after being poisoned by Dwayne, 

​Amateur Surgeon 2Edit

Personality Edit

Bleed is a mature, serious and responsible man in contrast to the goofy Alan. In the beginning of the story, he's pessimistic, surly and full with guilt due to the death of his patients and his fall of grace, to the point of being suicidal. However, thanks to Alan's company and after discovering the truth, he becomes a lot happier as a result.

When he is resurrected in the second game, he's shown to be laid-back and cheerful; a stark contrast of his previous self. In many ways, Alan had turned just like him; being a previously fallen surgeon who had become cynical and had gotten better.

Known Patients/Students Edit

  • Alan Probe (Student), (life partner)
  • Aureola (Student) (Patient) (life partner)
  • Dwayne Pipe (former Student)
  • Aureola's Parents (Patients)


- During the ​Frostbite Freakout event in Amateur Surgeon 4​, his ghost was an exclusive partner to the game, where his power is to automatically heal patients with his ectoplasm, while occasionally giving out a Bleed Diamond here and there.


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