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Alan Probe




Aureola (wife), Buttley Jr. (grandson), Buttley (son), Unnamed son, Dr. Ignacious Bleed (deceased)(life partner)


Officer Brutality


Dwayne Pipe

Dr. Alan Probe is the main protagonist of the Amateur Surgeon series.

Bio Edit

In his teens, he applied for a job in Eat'cha Pizza! where he got hired as a pizza delivery boy. It's implied he comes from a very poor family.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Alan Probe AS Doctor

Doctor Outfit

As a 19-year-old teen, during one of his rounds, a drunk man walked right in front of him, causing Alan to scream and crush the man's ribcage. The man was none other than Dr. Bleed. After saving Bleed with his help, Bleed started teaching him about surgery, and they gradually form a strong father-son relationship. They went to a warehouse to continue Alan's study in surgery. While alone in the warehouse, a shady character named Horrace D'Obscene asked Alan to operate on him; and then meets Aureola, liking her immediately. After a series of unfortunate events; Alan found out that Horrace, in fact Dwayne Pipe, has been causing the attacks. After Alan operated Aureola, Bleed, and Dwayne; he sent Dwayne to prison and married Aureola, living happily ever after.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit

Alan Probe ASC Doctor

Doctor Outfit

Alan Probe ASC Elf

Elf Outfit

Ten years later, at 29 years old, Alan is a world-famous surgeon. While Alan was flying through the night sky, he saw a sled being pulled by flying creatures causing him to scream and crash into the sled and crash on the ground. While cursing the man who he crashed into, he saw an elf in the tree. Seeing that the elf was badly injured, he rushed over to a secure area and began operating with strange tools. The elf, who is named Generic, turns out to be a lot of help to find Santa Claus, the man he crashed into.

Amateur Surgeon Hospital Edit

In this Facebook application, the player helps Alan manage his hospital.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Alan acts as a mentor to the amateur surgeon Ophelia Payne. In most ways, he's the equivalent to Bleed in the original game. And like him, Alan eventually will become a patient the player has to save in the Exile Clinic after he's been poisoned.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

51 years after the original Amateur Surgeon, Alan, who is now 70 years old, has been sent to a nursing home for 30 years after his hospital got closed; and made him not to contact with his wife and family. When he was playing chess out of boredom a strange character appeared to offer Alan to do surgery again. Alan soon knows that "The Aide" Bradley works for the president and is his grandson. Afterwards, he knows that the President is his old-time enemy, Dwayne Pipe. After the second arresting of Dwayne, Alan reunited with his wife Aureola and his children and with the help of Bradley opened all of the Bleed everywhere hospitals.

After those events, he decides to try and revive his mentor, Dr. Bleed. When he does, he gets berated by him for doing such a thing, but he also makes it clear he's proud of him. Although Alan bids farewell to him with a smile, after Bleed leaves he breaks down crying, missing his mentor but also happy for having his loved ones (Aureola, Bradley, etc.) back.

​Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-GenerationsEdit

​At some point in time, he suffered a wrong from Ophelia's hands and decided to retire from Improvised Surgery for good, and went back to the Retirement Home as a result. Ophelia Payne, being filled with regret, made a clone of her late granduncle, Dr. Ignacious Bleed II to assist her on her quest. As she preserved part of Alan's Brain to the Memotron, she uses it to implant the memories of her granduncle into him. As they went to the retirement home, after operating on Bertrand, He is in a worse state than she realizes, and freaked out about the memories. After operation, he regains his former self and said "We have a lot of work to do."

Personality Edit

In Amateur Surgeon, he is a young boy who works as a pizza deliver, but he always dreamed to become a famous surgeon. He is extremely clumsy and sometimes irresponsible as a consequence, as well as having a massive ego. He also tends to say inconsiderate comments on patients. Despite that, he's kind and selfless, working hard to become a famous surgeon, and is exceptionally good at it.

In Amateur Surgeon 2, he changes his personality due to his age and circumstances: He is more intelligent, and less clumsy; but also more cynical, suffering for a bad case of self-loathing, who tries to cover with his ego. However, he's the same Alan at heart, retaining his kindness and goofiness, even being a little childish at times. He also tends to forget and confuse things, due to his old age.

In fact, Alan, despite his flaws, is ultimately a caring and good-natured person who will do everything for his patients, no matter what risks he has to take.

Known Patients Edit

Known Partners Edit

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