Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

120 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)
123 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl 60)

Time Limit

4:59 (Amateur Surgeon 3)
2:27(Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl 60)

Deceased Keith is a patient in Amateur Surgeon 3. He was brought back to life by Lady Saturday for a bit to find some answers for the frog outbreak.

​Ophelia's DescriptionEdit

OBSERVATIONS: Voodoo and genetically engineered super frogs. Huh. Did... did I mention he was dead 5 minutes ago? I'll make further observations when I'm done screaming.

(​You can cure death?!? I sat through all those malpractice hearings for NOTHING! -ALAN​)

SYMPTOMS: Keith has enough poison in him to kill a man didn't work out so well last time... He's full of very literal poison dart frogs as well. They fire darts.

(​Frog in his throat! ...and lungs... and... y'know what? If you can picture it; and probably full of frogs. -ALAN​)

ACTION: I do not like the look of this blue poison AT ALL. ​Or the frogs, for that matter. I think, I fancied his chances when he was skeletal.

(​Don't let that poison make you blue! Keith's alive again - Let's keep it that way! -ALAN​)


In the beginning of the operation, the player sees a blue poison pool and a genetically engineered poison dart frog that farts out a blue toxic gas that puts out the lighter, it must either be cleared by itself or a use a Vacuum Cleaner to suck up all the gas. To kill the frogs, the player must shock and burn the frogs 3 times. Then suck out the poison by cutting it or using a syringe to suck it up. Next, we cut into Keith's infected stomach and see three more frogs that fire literal poison darts inside him. Take care of the frogs, the poison and the darts and move back up to the stomach part. Next, use a chainsaw to slash out Keith's stomach (right after stapling, burning and healing the cut) and replace it with a new one. Then sear and gel it the new stomach. Finally, staple, sear and gel the cut.


Screenshot (642)

Keith as a skeleton.

Screenshot (644)

Keith tries to explain the situation...

Screenshot (643)

Keith is revived.

Screenshot (645)

...but he "croaked" before he could tell.

Screenshot (646)

Keith died again.

Screenshot (641)

Keith's pre-op

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