There are some long-term plans for Amateur Surgeon Wiki. They're detailed here. Helping out with any of them would be really nice.

You can put your name under the Collaborators heading for any project if you'll be working on it.

Create Game Pages Edit

An important aspect that this wiki is lacking is pages about each Amateur Surgeon game. Ideally, this should include creating an infobox template and including transcripts and galleries, possibly even walkthroughs on every page.

Collaborators Edit

Document Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

The content of first two games is well-documented, but the same can't be said for Amateur Surgeon 3. It would be great if someone could get information about it, more specifically, the patients.

As far as the big picture is concerned, getting the assets from it (and, subsequently, from the fourth game, too) would also be lovely.

Collaborators Edit


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