This page is used to feature articles. Such articles appear on the main page and get a star in the top-right of them. They are swapped out every month.

Suggesting an article Edit

To suggest an article, make sure it follows the rules and edit the suggested articles section and the following at the bottom of it:

{{subst:suggest|[[Page name]]|User name|Reason}}
  1. Replace Page name with the name of the page that you're trying to suggest. Remember to leave the double square brackets to link to it.
  2. Replace User name with your user name. No links, it's automatically handled.
  3. Replace Reason with the reason you're suggesting the page. Make sure to make it nice and long — you've got to make the others believe in your opinion so they can support!

Rules for suggesting Edit

  1. The article must be long, complete and exhaustive — no one would support it if its just a couple of sentences!
  2. The article should have at least one picture and an infobox if applicable.
  3. The article should follow the writing style and other policies.

Voting for articles and leaving comments Edit

To vote for an article or leave a comment, edit its votes or comments section and add one of the following for supporting, opposing or commenting (respectively):


You don't need to sign it — that's handled automatically. Make absolutely sure, though, that you're substituting the template, otherwise it's not going to work and your vote/comment will be considered invalid.

Rules for voting/commenting Edit

  1. Make sure to give a reason why you're supporting/opposing something!
  2. Never, ever remove others' votes, especially if you created the suggestion.
  3. Similarly, don't alter others' votes/comments.

Choosing an article Edit

A new featured article is picked every month, going from the top to the bottom of the list. Three things can happen to an article. It will be picked if the number of supports outweighs the number of opposes by at least two. It will be rejected if the number of opposes outweighs the number of supports by at least two. If the number of supports/opposes is equal or they outweigh each other by 1, the suggestion is simply skipped. In the first two cases, the suggestion is moved here.

Suggested articles Edit

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