Main Game Partners:Edit


Cooling Time (Level 1) Surgery Power
Agent Ted Rando 24 hours(1 day) Risky Business - This cuddly saboteur gives you an extra chance to find a Bleed Diamond... or just slash up the patient.
Barbara Ho-Tep 2 hours Scarab Sweep - Quickly sweep away some debris without the need of a vacuum.
Crumpet Murphy 5 hours Janitor-Jitsu - Activate Crumpet's power to rack up points quicker!
Filthy Nowe 4 hours MY SHINY! - Filthy's power can help you find valuables... inside patients' bodies.
Flow Master 8 hours Kung-Flow - Tag the Master after missing with a tool to restore your score multiplier!
Katie Cutter 8 hours Pint-Sized Slasher - Katie can help by automatically completing all chainsaw cuts.
Lady Saturday 12 hours Loa Your Expectations - This voodoo child can boost a patient's heart rate; most effective when patient is nearly dead.
Max Chaos 12 hours Embrace the Chaos - Max's magic powers transmogrify each injury into... something else.
Mr. Giblets 6 hours Lick of Life - applies Pain Away Gel to everything Mr. Giblets touches.
Professor Rippov 12 hours Doctor, When? - Tag the Professor to delay the surgery timer.
Reverend Robot Apocalypse 24 hours(1 Day) Extraction Satisfaction - Use the Reverend's electromagnetic doohickey to remove wedged-in objects.
Stat Zappum 12 hours Electric Boogaloo - The nervous nurse administers an electric shock to boost a patient's heart rate.
Stoolie O'Toole 6 hours E.S.P. - Psychically highlights all injuries - even hidden ones.

The Polymorph​

24 hours(1 day)

??? - will change into a different partner at the start of each surgery.

Cecil Blowhard

24 hours(1 day)

I'll Huff and I'll Puff - Cecil's mighty lungs help to snuff out flames.

Robot Unicorn Rainbow​

48 hours(2 days)

Rainbow Saviour - Get a big health and score boost, and erase your patients' flesh wounds without gel, fire or staples.

Robot Unicorn Inferno

48 hours(2 days)

Dash of Death - Score massive points while crushing creatures and smashing through bones... like a chainsaw from hell!

Boomin' Bessie

8 hours

Critter Buster - Tag Bessie to blast the holy heck out of every creature in sight.

Chad Burnem

8 hours

Suburban Napalm - This fire hazard cauterizes wounds and melts ice.

Gargonaxx Suckoluxx

6 hours

Cosmic Collector - Tag this Unidentified Freakin' Oddball to suck up fires, blood and small debris

Iron Wang

8 hours

Irons of Unbearable Tempurature - A furious flurry of searing hot irons to cauterize wounds and melt any ice.

T.B. Lancet

12 hours

Sterile Riposte - Lancet's hypodermic sabre makes quick work of boils and poison pools.

The Absorb-o-tron

8 hours

Woolen Fury - This cyber-sheep can swiftly mop up liquids and some other sticky substances.

The Hogtopus

4 hours

Bunch of Suckers - This cute little mutant can help you deal with infected boils and pools of poison.

Officer Brutality

6 hours

Extreme Force - Brutality bashes creatures into submission with his nightstick. You might need to clean up after him though.

Lord Meowington

6 hours

Fire Retardant Feline - This speedy little kitty extinguishes fires and picks up some debris.

Procrastibot 3000

9 hours

Freeze Sucka! - Procrastibot can extend the surgery timer for you. Smooth!

Mr. Caruthers

9 hours

Reptilian Gourmand - This distinguished lizard has a taste for bugs, frogs, and other creatures.

I.C. Weiner

4 hours

Nicht So Schnell! - Tag this glacial genius to temporarily bring creatures to a standstill.

Flicky 'John' Flick

6 hours

Diddle for the Middle - Tag Flicky and you'll be temporarily unable to miss with your tools. Woo!

Frostbite Freakout: (December 14, 2016 - January 23, 2017)Edit


Cooling Time (Level 1) Surgery Power
Alvin Nunavut 6 hours Chip Off The Old Block - Tag the daring explorer to knock away chunks of ice or cement.
Twinkle McCavity 9 hours Sprite Time, Sprite Place - Gradually improves the patient's health - as long as you're careful not to squish her!
Ghost Bleed 7 hours Diamonds Are A Gel's Best Friend - Find the occasional Bleed Diamond in a trail of spooky healing gel.

Festive Guts

(Level 7 unlockable)

4 hours Good Value Pud - Occasionally throws a festive pudding! Check inside for shiny inedible treats.

Heartbreak Hospital: (February 6, 2017 - February 26, 2017)Edit


Cooling Time (Level 1) Surgery Power
Hubris D'Amour 1hr 40 minutes Love Bug - Cleans up mess and many small injuries.
Scarlett Throbbing 12 hours X Marks the Spot - blows a kiss with healing powers.
Sax Machine 12 hours Saxual Healing - sweetened and transform injuries through the power of jazz.

Cherub Jim

(Level 7 unlockable)

6 hours Expert Wingman - fires a curative arrow into the patient's heart.

Egg Hunt (Easter Event)Edit


Cooling Time (Level 1) Surgery Power
Beastly Bunny 22 hours EGG-SPLSION - he's here to do one thing, and that's pop out some eggs"

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